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Some of the Issues We Can Help You Win
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Air Pollution & Sprawl


Aquatic Resource Protection



Environmental Justice

Environmental Site Design

ESP: Exposed Soil = Pollution

Fire & Rural Growth

Golf Courses

Historic Resource Threats

Transfer Stations, Incinerators, Recycling, Composting, Sewage Sludge & Other Waste Facilities

Land Preservation

Light Trespass

Making Pollution Laws Work




Property Value

Schools & Growth

Special Exceptions & Conditional Uses


Transmission Lines

Vehicle Repair Facilities

Watershed Audit

Zoning & Rezoning


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How To Win Land Development Issues

Book cover

To download the entire 300-page book click the following title:

How To Win Land
Development Issues

By CEDS President Richard Klein

We cannot provide paper copies.  This book and all other CEDS publications are only available via download.



Everyone Wins! A Citizens Guide to Development,
also by CEDS president Richard Klein, may be ordered from  Amazon

Caution: How To Win Land Development Issues is a much better guide for this topic.

Everyone Wins

Other CEDS Publications

CEDS Quality of Life Impact Review Checklist (35 KB)

Community Meeting Samples: Flyer, Factsheet, Pledge Form, Volunteer Survey Form, and Meeting Outline (26 KB)


Salmon, Lake Quality, Wetlands & Development Impacts - An Example of CEDS Analysis

Trout & Watershed Development - Factsheet (26 KB)

EIS Critique Example: Charlottesville VA Bypass

Trout & Development - An Example of CEDS Analysis (81 KB)

Example of How CEDS Can Assess Pollution Sources & Quickly Improve Water Quality (161 KB)

How Much Development is Too Much for Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Tidal Waters & Wetlands? (218 KB)

The Effects of Marinas & Boating Activity Upon Tidal Waterways (65 KB)

Buffers for Stream, Lake & Wetland Protection (24 KB)


Traffic & Highways

Highway Battles & How They Are Won (68 KB)

Traffic & Neighborhood Quality of Life (86 KB)

EIS Critique Example: Expansion of I-93 in New Hampshire

Example of a Strategy to Preserve Quality of Life from Highway Impacts (243 KB)

Traffic Impact Evaluation Procedures: Traffic Count, Sight-Distance and Speeds (58 KB)

Highways, Stream & Reservoir Pollution & Induced Growth: An Example of a CEDS Analysis (76 KB)



Citizen Perspectives on Siting Solid Waste Facilities (564 KB)

Sample CEDS Analysis of a Proposed Landfill (1,302 KB)


Golf Courses

Protecting the Aquatic Environment from the Effects of Golf Courses (3 MG)

Golf Courses & the Aquatic Environment (21 KB)

Effects of Meeting House Golf Club Upon Edgartown Great Pond (79 KB)

EPA Handbook of Integrated Pest Management for Golf Courses (303 KB)

Comparison of Highest Pesticide Concentrations Detected at Golf Courses with Water Quality Criteria (20 KB)


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